AT Hike 2012

Objective: Enjoy a 5 day hike on the Appalachian Trail (AT), covering at least 30 miles. Plan is to hike South from Fontana Dam to the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC)


SAT, 9 June, 2012 (Day 1):

  • 0830 Depart vic HSV
  • 0900 Rrendevous at the Gurley Piggly Wiggly.  (Wade/Hawrych join and ride with someone)
  • 1000 Rendevous with Mr. Wade Sr. in South Pittsburg; continue to the NOC.
  • Route on Google Maps here: .
  • 1345 (ET) Arrive N.O.C. and leave car(s), continue to Fontana Dam,
  • Route on Google Maps here: .
  • 1415 Arrive Fontana Dam. Park Cars; Hike to Fontana Dam Shelter. Approx 1.1 miles

SUN, 10 June, 2012 (Day 2): Hike from Fontana Dam shelter to Cable Gap Shelter. Approx 6.8 miles

MON, 11 June, 2012 (Day 3): Hike from Cable Gap Shelter to Brown Fork Shelter. Approx 6.1 Miles

TUE, 12 June, 2012 (Day 4): Hike From Brown Fork Shelter to Sassafras Shelter. Approx 9.1 miles

WED, 13 June, 2012 (Day 5):

  • Hike from Sassafras Shelter to NOC. Approx 6.9 miles
  • 1400 Arrive NOC. Shower, eat?
  • 1530 Depart for Fontanna for vehicles
  • 1600 Arrive Fontanna


  1. Mr. Rice
  2. Sam R.
  3. Mr. Rogers
  4. Logan R.
  5. Ms. Mindy Rogers
  6. Mr. Wade (Jr.)
  7. Mr. Wade (Sr.)
  8. Roman H.
  9. Mr. Gipner
  10. Asher G.
  11. Thomas G.

Links to other info:

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1 Response to AT Hike 2012

  1. Paul Brown says:

    I am a former member of Troup 364. I was a first Class Scout when I left Huntsville in 1966. I believe a Mr. Whitaker was our Scoutmaster. The summer before I moved to Texas was a rich year with some of the first hikes on the Von Braun Trail and something to do with Scouting virtually every weekend. I was also a member of Latham Memorial Methodist Church and I have fond memories of Scouting and fellowship there in Huntsville.

    Today, I am the Executive Director of the Montgomery County, AL Community Corrections Department. I have over 30 years of rich experience in police work and corrections. I am quite certain that my scouting experience helped me to become the successful person I am today.

    Paul H. Brown
    Montgomery, AL

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