Summer 2015

Summer is here and our troop has many activities to keep you busy and having fun! We kicked off the summer this past weekend at Camp Westmoreland with our TLT. Tomorrow night, June 10, we have our summer Court of Honor which will include Eagle recognition. On Saturday, June 13, we have our annual cooking contest. In about two and a half weeks, from June 27 to July 4, we go to summer camp at Camp Crooked Creek (near Louisville, KY). Two weeks after that we have our canoe trip at Grimes Canoe Base in Tennessee (July 17-22). On July 22, we will have a troop pool party at one of our local pools. On August 8 we have a conservation drive and we end the summer at Stone Mountain and Six Flags in Georgia (August 14-16).

The fun does not stop there. In September we have the Cub Scout Challenge at Ditto Landing and our Webelos camp-out on Monte Sano. In October, during fall break, we have a five day trip to Gulf Shores. We will camp at Gulf State Park and one of the days will be spent deep sea fishing. This is a trip for the whole family and will be from October 3 to October 7.

We hope to see you at many of our activities and wish you a safe, happy, fantastic summer!

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