New Rules for High Adventure Troop Outings

RANK: First Class or above and a registered member of BSA Troop 364. SM may waive rank requirement.

MBs: Must have earned at least 4 merit badges in the preceding twelve months. In addition, must have earned the following applicable merit badges:

1-First Aid

2-Cooking – must have completed all of the actual meal cooking requirements.

3-Canoeing & Swimming (Canoe Trip)

4-Lifesaving — at least 50% of Scouts going on trip must have earned this MB for trips involving water activities.

5-Emergency Preparedness Requirement #4 for Backpacking or Hiking trips

SERVICE: Must have worked at least 9 hours on troop service projects in the preceding 12 months – conservation drives, Eagle projects, personal SM approved projects, etc.

PERSONAL: Must be at least 12 years of age and have shown willingness to follow directions, a habit of willingly helping others, and a desire to adopt the Scouting Spirit in daily life.

MEDICAL: Submit completed medical form by 30 days prior to the trip. Medical used for any high adventure type trip or Jamboree or Summer Camp trips acceptable.

FEES: Trip Fees must be paid in full by published deadline.

PREPARATION: (Canoe Trip) – Must participate in the Canoe Trip Preparation Day(s) preceding the trip. (Hiking Trip) – Must participate in majority of trip preparation hikes.

APPROVAL: Must have approval of Scoutmaster and Trip Leader. This will include evaluation of the Scout’s participation, teamwork and leadership in all previous troop activities.

EAGLES: Eagle Scouts are not required to earn the four merit badges stipulated above. However, they must hold the required MBs listed for the trip.

CANCELLATION: If the trip is not fully set (all arrangements made, full complement of Scouts, etc) by the specified date for the activity, the Scoutmaster will cancel the trip unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances.

TRIP LEADERS: Determined by Scoutmaster & Troop Committee.

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