Points of Contact

Name:                                                                                                       Email:

Abel, Thomas                                                                                                       tomadau@aol.com

Bailey, Chris

Berry, Corry                                                                                            cberry@ironicdesign.com

Blackwood, Randall

Broughton, Rich

Cochran, Tommy                                                                                        tcochran1@knology.net

DeRamus, Roseanne                                                                    gordon.deramus@bellsouth.net

DeRamus, Chip                                                                                      Gordon.DeRamus@att.net

Edney, Jeff                                                                                                   jeffedney@comcast.net

Farnsworth, Kyle                                                                                 kfarnsworth@bellsouth.net

Gipner, Gordon

Gipner, Shelli

Rice, Jeremy

Rice, Leslie                                                                                                      bob.rice@pw.utc.com

Rice, Robert                                                                                                    bob.rice@pw.utc.com

Robinson, Jeffery                                                                                      robinsonjc@comcast.net

Rogers, Christine                                                                                  bergerrogers@comcast.net

Rogers, Thomas                                                                                   bergerrogers@comcast.net

Sanders, Pat                                                                                         jpatricksanders@gmail.com

Schneider, Kevin                                                                           kevinwschneider@hotmail.com

Skoglund, Oliver                                                                                      graybeaver@knology.net

Sorrell, Robert                                                                                                 rsorrell1@gmail.com

Wade, John                                                                                                              jw@jwade.name

Whitacre, Chris                                                                                                         hrsar2@att.net

Whitacre, Walter                                                                                                         hrsar@att.net

Williams, Dan

Winters, Becky                                                                                             chaswint@knology.net

Winters, Chas                                                                                               chaswint@knology.net

1 Response to Points of Contact

  1. Chawn Wade says:

    Hello! We would love to formally invite the Troops’ Scouts and family to Roman’s Eagle Court of Honor. Due to out of town family, we have scheduled it for this Sunday, December 7 beginning at 2pm in the Student Commons of Randolph School, 4905 Garth Road S.E., Hunts. 35802. Food & Cake will follow. Easy parking and access at the back of the school. We appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement in sharing this journey with Roman and our family- please come and celebrate with us! Thank you, Chawn Wade, 256-468-5235

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