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Greater Alabama Council

Talakto District

Coosa Lodge


Campmor – Camping and Outdoor Gear

Upcoming Camp-outs and Outings

Camp Crooked Creek

Grimes Canoe Base

Stone Mountain

Six Flags Over Georgia

Monte Sano State Park

Gulf State Park



1 Response to Links and References

  1. Dear Scout Leader;

    I am writing to announce the recent publication of my latest book, Basic Tent Camping, and inform you that I am available to speak with your troop about camping related topics for no fee. This is a thoughtful and detailed book that discusses modern tent camping equipment, procedures, history, ethics, and misconceptions. It differs from other camping books in its attention to important details and its emphasis upon economy, safety, comfort, and mobility.

    Basic Tent Camping begins by summarizing the history of tent camping and describing eight general groups of modern camping equipment: shelter, bedding, furniture, tools, protection & first aid, clothing, personal items, and kitchen gear. Then it describes dozens of procedures including packing equipment and food in small vehicles, setting up comfortable shelter, finding and splitting firewood, cooking simple but delicious meals, using ropes and knots, avoiding common problems, breaking camp, and preserving camping gear, In addition to dedicated chapters about the history and ethics of modern camping, additional historical and ethical information is scattered through other chapters. It is over 400 pages long and is packed with dozens of useful suggestions and photos. It covers all camping topics in the Boy Scout Handbook plus many more—and would be an excellent resource for all families—regardless of their past camping experience.

    For more information about Basic Tent Camping, please visit my website or search for the book title or my name.

    Frazier Douglass
    Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Athens State University
    Madison, Alabama

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